Dream of a Common Language by Heather McDonald
Prologue Theatre Co.

Heather McDonald's play about the deferred dreams of female artists in 1870s France was inspired by her research into the Impressionist exhibitions. The production was presented as part of Prologue's season Nudes: Women in Art, that explored the connection of Chicago's current art scene to tales of artists past. 

Clovis, an artist and mother, is just returning to her senses from a metal breakdown when a dinner party thrown by her husband tears open old wounds. In staging this feminist work, I took care to focus on the reality and immediacy of the character relationships, in order to avoid a didactic approach. In staging the dream sequences, I collaborated with puppet and scenic designer Cathy Matchette to conceptualize shadow puppets that echoed the work of the artist characters in the play. 


Director: Margo Gray
Scenic and Puppet Design: Cathy Matchette
Lighting Design: Kent Cubbage 
Costume Design: Valerie Vanderkolk
Performers: Carrie Hardin, Lara Janson, Alex Knell, Michael John Krystosek, Hayley L. Rice, Les Rorick 

Images by TMG Photography. All rights reserved.


Prologue Theatre Co. at Oracle Theater. Chicago, IL.