Second Skin
written and directed by Margo Gray
Playable Artworks (at the Twin Cities Horror Festival)

Erin Olson is a fourth generation medium, a person who talks to spirits. Unfortunately, her recent death has hindered her ability to work. Now she needs an assistant, a conduit to the living world. You're invited to interview for this position. Come along and try your hand at contacting the spirit realm, but know that whether or not the spirits can be put to rest is up to you.

Powered by a smartphone app, this audio-driven interactive piece for a solo audience sent participants on a journey around the West Bank neighborhood. Use of physical objects and specific locations brought this piece from the realm of audio play into the immediate and tangible. Divergent endings and choices within scenes meant that each participant controlled their own narrative. In addition, alternate reality gaming-style materials sent after the ticket purchased encouraged participants to further learn about and interact with the world of the show.



Director: Margo Gray

Production Design: Shannon Elliot
Sound Design: Kassia Lisinski
Assistant Director: Shalee Coleman
Performers: Erin Farsté, Isabel Middleton-Watts, Tinne Rosenmeier

Photos by Dan Norman Photography
Video by Ben McGinley