Once and Future
a playable theatrical adventure

"New arrivals like you may not be able to share in all the proud accomplishments of our blood-soaked past, but after you’ve passed the test, you can look forward to being fully engaged in our blood-soaked future!"

After a global catastrophic event, our people are under the rule of a... benevolent government. You and your team have been selected to participate in an important test to determine the future of our civilization. Do not delay. Do not hesitate. Do not run.

This interactive game pits players against a series of challenges. Two teams battle to complete tasks, answer questions, and solve puzzles. The event included an immersive environment, video animations, recorded and live performance, and of course, audience interaction. Kevan Loney and I collaborated to develop a system of interaction for audience members that involved both live and mediated responses. For example, a player action might trigger a video cue describing a consequence, or result in new instructions for the next task.


Created by Margo Gray and Kevan Loney
Written and Directed by Margo Gray
Designed and Programmed by Kevan Loney
Performed by Thomas Constantine Moore