Alice in Bed by Susan Sontag

In this provocative fantasia on the life of diarist Alice James, Alice lives confined to her bed, unable to emerge from the shadow of her brother, author Henry James, and the rest of her brilliant family. A mad tea party attended by apparitions of her idols and ghosts from her past incites Alice to shake off the forces that hold her immobile and stretch the power of her imagination.

I created a immersive production that allowed audience members to wander freely throughout the playing space. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by a performer and initiated into the possible ways of relating to the piece. This mechanism allowed each guest to view the performance from their own perspective. The designers created a rich, imaginative world both tangible (through an installation-like setting) and mediated (through media including interactive video) inspired by Sontag's source material, including the life of Alice James, and the rich mythology of Alice in Wonderland. 15,000 feet of warehouse space were temporarily converted into immersive performance space for this performance.



Director: Margo Gray

Scenic Design by Chris Raintree
Costume Design by DeLisle Merrill
Lighting Design by Hannah Dubrow
Sound Design by Daniel Lundberg
Media Design by Larry Shea

Performers: Scott Alda Coffey,Veladya Chapman, Ben Edelman, Austin Murray, and Annie Yokom.

Photos by Jordan Harrison and Louis Stein.