by Beth Ann Powers
music by Jess Eisenberg Chamblee
Women Trans Femme Comedy Festival
Raw Sugar & Theatre Unbound

Ace tells the story of a young asexual finding her way in a world of middle school crushes, make-out sessions, and sex on TV, with the help of her ace super powers and one confused clone. Also there's music.

I worked with playwright Beth Ann Powers to workshop and develop this new musical, a semi-biographical comedy that sought to shed light on the challenges faces by asexual youth finding their identity in an allosexual world, powered by the original songs of composer Jess Eisenberg Chamblee. Elements of audience interactivity, physical comedy, and dance came together to create a fast-paced comedy with a message.


Directed by Margo Gray

Lighting Designer
Scenic Design: Ursula Bowden
Lighting Design: Kat Purcell
Sound Design: Josh Stallings
Property Design: Jenny Moeller

Performers: Shawna Caitlin, Eric Dymit, Isabel Middleton-Watts, Antonia Kramer Perez,  Piper Quinn


Trailer for Ace in the 2018 WTF Comedy Festival, including rehearsal footage.